Ever so Reasonable Cleaning Checklist!

Today’s tip comes from Rosy Blu Handmade, where I found my all-time favorite cleaning list! I was searching for a list that would help me know what to do each day/week/month. I found that many lists were just overwhelming! Ten daily items plus five special items based on the day of the week? That’s just discouraging! I needed something simple, pared down… something that I could look at and think I can totally accomplish this”. I found the PERFECT list over at Rosy Blu! Click for the FREE PRINTABLE!

Ever so Reasonable Cleaning Checklist!


I love this because it offers flexibility. I can do the laundry on Monday… or I could totally do it on Wednesday. Or I could do one load on each of three separate days. Whatever I feel like, as long as I do three loads altogether in a given week. In traditional lists, if I was supposed to do laundry on Monday and then I didn’t, I’d feel trapped. Should I do double the chores on Tuesday? Should I move Monday’s tasks to Tuesday and bump everything down a day? What if I can’t get it all done, which ones should I prioritize? Aaaaaah! This one is much easier. Just do it during the week sometime. Done. Check it off and you’re good to go until the next week!

It also has monthly tasks which is great for those items that you don’t want to neglect, but don’t need to be done every single week. Whew!


Finally, the other reason I love this list is because others can help out. My love language is Acts of Service (closely followed by Words of Affirmation!). If someone really wants to make me feel loved, it’s easy to just look at the list and pick an item that needs a checkmark! Easy peasy. Plus once we have older kiddos it’ll be easy to split up the chores and keep track of what is already done and what still needs to be done. 🙂

I hope this list helps you as much as it has helped me! If it’s not perfect for you, make a variation – just remember, simplicity and reasonable goals will help keep you on track.


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