Inspirational Moment

What prompted me to start this blog?

It was an emotional conversation with my husband. I was expressing to him that I didn’t always feel fulfilled being a housewife, but I didn’t understand why! I wanted SO BADLY to be a great housewife. It was a huge priority for me! I truly, in my heart, wanted to be an excellent keeper of the home. So why did I feel so unhappy as a housewife?

I remembered a quote, one of my all time favorite quotes in fact:

“No one really hates math. They just hate feeling stupid.”

Think about it! People who feel stupid in math class because they aren’t successful, will learn to “hate math”. But truly, they hate how they feel. If they can just be given the appropriate tools to be successful and FEEL successful… well, then they won’t hate it, will they?

I don’t hate being a housewife, either. I LOVE being a housewife. I’m just very, very frustrated sometimes because I feel unsuccessful. Sometimes I work all day and feel there’s nothing to show for it. Sometimes I get a lot done, but when I step back and look it’s barely made a dent in the big picture. Most often, I have trouble getting busy in the first place and I spend much of the day trying to motivate myself to get going – and wondering where the time has flown so quickly. I would give myself a 4/10 rating on how well I do this housewife thing. Now tell me. If you were working a job where you felt UNsuccessful 80% of the time, you never reached meaningful goals, and you felt unfit for the task at hand… would you feel fulfilled and happy?

Then I realized the best part. Anyone can be taught math, and learn to do math well. I bet anyone can succeed at being a housewife, too! In fact, I don’t suck at housekeeping. I really don’t. I just have specific struggles and have not yet found the tools to overcome them. All I need is the right tools and I’m going to be a truly fantastic housewife. I just know it!

So, that was when I decided to face my struggles head on, research how to overcome them, and learn the techniques for success. When I realized how very much I wanted to be successful and how very frustrated I had become, I knew there must be other women out there just like me. What if I could help them and help myself at the same time? The very best way to learn something, is to teach it to someone else. And I never want anyone else to feel stuck and unhappy doing something they could be successful in! Let’s do this together. I’ll be honest about my struggles and triumphs. I’ll do the research to learn management techniques, pitfalls and how to avoid them, and how to rock this. All you have to do is read, comment, and share.

Let’s be awesome.


I can do this. You can too.


2 thoughts on “Inspirational Moment

  1. That’s really profound! I’m going to spend the rest of the day looking at every area of my life to see what I “hate” simply because I feel stupid trying to do it!

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